Bio Natura Humika

Bio Natura Humika

  • Soil conditioner and plant activator containing 75% Organic matter – more than 15% of humic substances,
  • Manufactured using the best quality leonardites with low heavy metal concentrations,
  • Supports healthy root development at an important level while improving physical, chemical and biological properties of soils.


Humic substances are the main materials of soil organic matter, formed by the breakdown of biomass dead in the soil. In general, humic substances are composed of humic acids that dissolve in basic medium, fulvicacids which dissolve in acidic and basic conditions and insoluble humins.

Humic acids have larger molecular size than fulvic acids and are very effective in improving soil properties. Although they can be obtained from all kinds of organic material in nature, leonarditeisthe material which can be obtained with the highest quality and which includes the highest amount of humic + fulvic acid.

Bio Natura Humika is a special organic product extracted from high quality leonardite and extracted in alkaline medium with high organic matter and humic + fulvic acid content.

It contains more than 75% organic matter and total humic+fulvic acid content is more than 15%.

Bio Natura Humika improves the physical, chemical and microbiological properties of soils as well as the breakdown of harmful chemicals in the soil, the development of plant root systems, the better intake of nutrients, higher yield and higher quality fruit and enhances the resistance of plants against abiotic stress such as salinity, drought, heavy metal toxicity conditions.

Bio Natura Humika can be used successfully in all plantsin order to improve soil conditions andincrease yield and quality, and in all stages of development, especially in the first period of vegetation where root system is formed.


TIMING OF APPLICATION Varies according to the species of the plant
DRIP DOSE 2-4 kg/da
pH 11
DENSITY 1,10 g/ml


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