We help farmers to increase the quantity, the quality and the value of their produced crop without sacrificing the precious natural sources of our earth.

We are an integrated agro – company, serving extensively for the requirements of sustainable agriculture.

 Plant Nutrition

We produce the best quality fertilizers by using the finest quality raw materials combined with high-tech production processes and extensive R&D studies.

 Agro – Consulting

We have a team of 25 highly skilled agro-experts that specialized in different crop cultures to support our growers for aiming the highest possible yileds.


With the cooperation of our sister company SwissTEQ Bioscience, we produce the best biostimulants that based on protein hydrolysates and amino acids.

 Laboratory Services

With our lately build modern laboratory, we offer full quantitative analyses of proteins and amino acids with maximum accuracy and expertise.

General Technical

Biostimulants – Humic and Fulvic Acids

Final products that are formed due to decomposition of dead biomass in the soil are humic substances and these substances are the most natural substances on earth. The main tasks of humic substances include controlling nutrient status of the soil, overseeing the exchange of carbon and oxygen between soil and atmosphere, converting toxic chemicals by breaking them down and...

General Technical

Points to Consider in Apple Harvest

Apple is the most widely produced and traded fruit in the world after bananas. Due to their variety richness, harvest time is spread over a wide time frame. While early varieties begin to mature as of June, varieties such as Pink Lady stand out with their harvesting time stretching till November. Moreover, apple is one of the rare fruit...

General Technical

Calcium Fertilization

Plant nutrients are classified in two: macro elements that plants need more and micro elements that they need relatively less. Calcium is one of the macro elements that plants need more. Calcium is the essential component of the cell wall in plants. In the presence of enough calcium, plants become more resistant to disease and pests as the cell wall...

General Technical

Concepts of Nutrient Uptake and Removal in Plant Nutrition

The amount of nutrients that plants remove from the soil during development period is expressed as the amount of nutrients taken. Some of these nutrients can be reused either by storing them in the plant or by mixing plant parts into the soil, while some of them can be removed irreversibly with harvested fruits or plant parts removed from...

General Technical

How Effective Is Foliar Fertilization?

Roots are the organs of plants through which they receive essential nutrients. However, nutrient uptake also occurs through certain proportions of the surface parts (leaf, trunk, ovules, etc.). The highest nutrient uptake in the above-ground organs occurs through leaves. The surfaces of leaves are covered with a waxy layer. While the leaf is dry, it is not possible for nutrients...

General Technical

What is Fertigation? What are the Pros and Cons?

What is Fertigation? What are the Pros and Cons? New technologies in irrigation methods have brought some conveniences and innovations in the application of fertilizers. For example, drip irrigation system has become an indispensable part of modern agricultural production. This system has provided the opportunity for the fertilisers to be administered with irrigation water. In this so-called “fertigation” method, water-soluble...