Biostimulants – Amino Acids

Biostimulants – Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are one of the most important parts of biochemistry. Amino acids play an active role in many mechanisms in the metabolism of a living. For this reason, they have an important place in the life of every living thing; from the simplest microorganisms to the most complex plants and animals.

Plants can produce amino acids via their own metabolic activities. However, studies have revealed that plants can also take amino acids directly through their roots and leaves. Thus, available amino acids can be used for the continuation of physiological activities without the need for the process of converting nitrogen to first amino acids and then to enzymes and proteins. This allows amino acids to contribute significantly to plant development.

Amino acids can be obtained from plants and animals by microbiological and enzymatic processes, or they can be produced synthetically under laboratory conditions. However, amino acids obtained by natural processes (free amino acids) are much more effective than synthetic ones.

In addition to these effects in plant metabolism, amino acids bind with the mineral nutrients in the environment and allow them to be easily conveyed to the plant body. In other words, amino acids increase the intake of nutrients and enable them to be used more effectively by the plant. Thus, they increase yield and quality.

Amino acids strengthen the resistance mechanisms of plants and increase their resistance to biotic (diseases and pests) and abiotic (cold, hot, drought, frost, etc.) stress conditions. Amino acids also chelate heavy metals in the environment and prevent damage to plants. This prevents heavy metal toxicity.

In summary, amino acids foster fertilization efficiency as they increase nutrient intake, and they also increase the resistance of plants to all kinds of stress conditions and thus contribute significantly to an efficient and high quality agricultural production.

Bio Kraft and Bio Kraft Plus are the two main amino acid fertilizers from our portfolio. With their superior free amino acid and high organic nitrogen content, both products are extremely effective in any situation.

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